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Señales de una relación saludable

10 Signs

of a Healthy Relationship

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10 señales de una relación saudable


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The relationship evolves at a pace that both people are comfortable with. It's normal to want to spend time with someone when you just met them, but it's important for both of you to be on the same page about how the relationship is evolving. In a healthy relationship, you don't feel rushed in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.




Take charge of your actions and words. You avoid blaming and admit when you make a mistake. You sincerely apologize when you have done something wrong and continually try to make positive changes to improve the relationship. You take responsibility for the impact your words or behaviors had, even if you didn't mean to make your partner feel bad.



In your relationship, you both value your beliefs and opinions and love each other for who you are as people.




It means having space and time for yourself outside of your relationship. Your partner should support what you do, your hobbies, and your relationships with other friends, family, and colleagues. The other person doesn't have to know or be involved in every aspect of your life. Being independent means feeling free to be yourself and giving your partner that same freedom.




The relationship feels good, equal, and both people put equal effort into enjoying the relationship. None of the other people's preferences dominate, and instead they listen to each side and don't compromise on things they don't agree on. You both feel that your interests and desires are as important as the other person's. Sometimes you might contribute more (money, time, emotional support) than your partner and vice versa, but the result always feels balanced.



You can be honest and vulnerable without fearing how the other person will respond. In a healthy relationship, both of you should feel the freedom to share the truth about your lives and your feelings - you will never feel the need to hide things. They may not like what you have to say but will respond to unpleasant news in a considerate way.




You are empathetic and attentive to each other, comforting and supporting each other.
In a healthy relationship, the other person will strive to bring those things into your life that they know make you happy. Kindness flows reciprocally in your relationship. They both show compassion for each other and for the things that each of them cares about.




Have confidence that your partner will not do anything to hurt you or damage the relationship.
In a healthy relationship, trust comes naturally and you don't need to question the other person's intentions or whether they support you. Your partner respects your privacy and will never test your loyalty.

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Conflicto Saludable

Conflict in a relationship happens normally, however, it is important that you can address it openly and respectfully and deal with disagreements without judgment.
We all have disagreements and that's okay! Healthy conflict is about recognizing the root of the problem and addressing it respectfully, always ensuring that things remain polite, if not, do not wait for these incidents to escalate.
No one has the right to belittle your feelings, much less to raise their voice in an argument.




You enjoy the time you spend together and bring out the best in yourselves. A healthy relationship feels enjoyable and you feel happy. You can let loose, laugh and be yourself - the relationship doesn't discourage you, it encourages you. No relationship is about laughter and fun 100% of the time, but there should definitely be more good times than bad.

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