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How was Good Love born?

Olga Milan-Howells and Sophia Milan-Howells, in cooperation with the One Love Foundation,  They observed the growing need to raise awareness in the Latino community  about unhealthy behaviors in relationships.

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My story

It all started one dark November night, in the smelly gym of a school in Novato CA. My mom had dragged me there to attend a presentation by “One Love Foundation” and hear their message on how to identify toxic relationships. There were thousands of other places I would have preferred to be that night, but to appease my mother I was there: it was a decision that changed my life!

Halfway through the presentation I remember looking at the screen, I saw how the faces of my friends and their partners replaced those of the actors. My heart stopped because I knew how it was going to end. I quickly wrote on a napkin, “we have to take this to Branson (my high school)” and gave it to my mom. Over the next four years I immersed myself in the One Love mission, starting a club at my school, hosting workshops around San Francisco, and becoming the Foundation's youngest ambassador. Some time later I was able to recognize that there was a great need to bring that type of content to the Latino high school community, I worked with my brother Brendon, a UCLA filmmaker, to create the film "Amor del Bueno." 

Unfortunately, within the Mexican side of my family, cases of domestic abuse are not unheard of, but they are not talked about. Seeing the success that “Amor del Bueno” had in the US in the Latino community, I realized that I had the tools to make a difference in my mother's homeland. That's why I decided to found the Amor del Bueno Foundation in Guanajuato, Mexico. 

I hope that by exploring our website you can learn more about our work, and can appreciate the importance of our mission as I saw five years ago in that sweaty gym.

Sophia Milan-Howells.

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