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5 tips for a safe breakup


Identify your support network.

Do you know who to turn to when you feel in danger?


Write down your reasons

It's normal to miss your partner after a breakup, even if it's been abusive


No need to see them in person.

The safest way to break up is over the phone or on social media, even if it's considered impersonal or inconsiderate


Always carry your cellphone.

Let your friends, parents, or someone you trust know that you will be ending your relationship, especially if you think your ex-partner may try to confront you when you are alone.

Stay accompanied

If you break up in person, always do it in a public place.

Let your friends, parents, or someone you trust know that you will be ending your relationship.


Identifying the signs of an unhealthy relationship can be difficult, leaving an abusive relationship can seriously endanger the integrity and life of the survivor.


The Amor del Bueno Foundation puts at your disposal our Safe Breakup Guide, in it you will find important considerations to have if you or someone you know is considering leaving an abusive relationship.

Important note: Our Guide is not a strict compliance document, it is important that if you or someone you know feels in danger, call 911 or 075 immediately.

    You can also access the list of organizations that address gender violence in Guanajuato and Mexico

    7 Deadly Signs

    Lethal Behaviors to Watch Out for in an Abusive Relationship

    We know that leaving an abusive partner is incredibly difficult and dangerous. No one ever enters a relationship thinking their partner could physically harm them or even kill them. Recognizing the signs to watch for could save lives, as abuse tends to escalate over time and can become potentially deadly.

    Unfortunately, 50% of women murdered in Mexico are killed by their current or former partners. As shocking as these numbers are, they are not the only statistics you should consider if your partner has behaved abusively, especially if you belong to a higher-risk group.

    The following are the seven deadliest indicators that your partner may commit femicide

    If your partner has ever used any part of their body or any object to press against your neck, whether they have cut off oxygen or blood supply or simply hinted that they could, your risk of being killed by them is 10 times higher



    The presence of a weapon in the same household where an abusive relationship takes place increases the risk of homicide for women by 500%. However, this risk doesn't only apply to women; anyone can be in serious danger if their abusive partner has a weapon


    Access to Firearms

    Firearms and strangulation may seem like obvious signs that a partner could be dangerous, but individuals whose partners abuse both physically and sexually are also more likely to be injured or killed than those whose abusers apply one form of abuse.


    Physical or Sexual Violence

    If your abusive partner has ever attempted suicide in the past, it's vital to take any new suicide threats seriously because 72% of all murder-suicides involve an intimate partner. Other threats indicating greater lethality include threats to children and extreme, possessive statements.


    Suicide or Threats

    While stalking may seem like an obvious indication of a serious threat, many components of your life situation could be associated with surprising risks. An abuser who is unemployed, whether they have never lived with their abusive partner or have left their abusive partner after living together, are all signs of increased risk

    Life Situation


    People are often surprised to hear that pregnancy is one of the most dangerous times in an abusive relationship. People are also often surprised that having a child with someone other than their abusive partner correlates with a higher risk of murder.

    Pregnancies and Children


    While being drunk or high is never an excuse for abusive behavior, an abusive person struggling with alcoholism and/or using illegal drugs can be especially volatile and dangerous.

    Substance Use


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